Safe Sources for Exercise, Health and Fitness Information

Information Overload

There are literally millions of Internet sites dedicated to exercise, health and fitness. How do you tell if the information is accurate and safe?

Consider the Source

We have no way of knowing whether one blog or another is reliable, but one thing you can do as an information consumer, is consider the source. The Alberta government, and Public Health Agency of Canada have dedicated significant resources to providing citizens with accurate, safe and reliable information to help you get active and to live a healthier lifestyle. As well there are Canadian health and research organizations dedicated to promoting healthy living strategies.

Here are a few useful links to bookmark (these are where we look for up to date information on exercise, health and fitness):

  • The Alberta Centre for Active Living provides updates on recent and reliable research on active living for all demographics.
  • Ever Active Schools provides information for teachers and parents to help kids and families to get active
  • Healthy U is a site developed by Alberta Wellness packed with videos articles and community-based activities
  • Stairway to Health is a fun and interactive site developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada with programs, resources and activities for active healthy living.
  • The Canadian Obesity Network The CON links to Dr. Sharma (CON director) and other blogs which are a very useful resource for anyone experiencing the challenges of obesity.
  • Sedentary Behaviour Network is a fantastic resource to discover ways to overcome a culture where we sit for the majority of our day: in cars, at desks or in front of a computer or television screen.
  • SHAPE Alberta (Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere), is an Alberta non-profit organization whose mission is to have every Albertan choose safe, healthy, active modes of transportation on a regular basis. The site is full of resources and information for parents and teachers, and also sponsors activities in Alberta communities and schools such as Winter Walk Day, Car Free Day, Walk and Wheel Day and more.
  • Dietitians of Canada is packed full of resources, tips, recipes…everything from assessing your eating habits to how to read labels.
  • Ideas That Move You McGill University Blog

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