Six Simple Ways to Move at the Office

Those long days at the office, sitting at our desks are inevitable for many of us. But, when you combine those hours with sedentary behaviour at home, the risks to our health multiply. Check out this infographic from the Sedentary Behaviour Network’s Resource files to see why! Better yet, print it out and put it on your desk and/or under your TV remote control.

To help persuade you to move at work here are some negative health effects of prolonged sitting (from “Sitting is Killing You” infographic put out by Medical Billing and

  • Sitting for more than six hours a day increases your risk of dying within fifteen years by 40% over someone who sits less than 3. Even if you exercise.
  • As soon as you sit enzymes that help to break down fat drop by 90% and all electrical activity to your legs shuts off
  • After 2 hours of sitting good cholesterol drops by 20%
  • Calorie burning drops to 1 calorie per minute

Watch a great video from one of the world’s leading researchers on sedentary behaviour.

Six ways to move at the office

1. Take walking breaks – even a few minutes will make a huge difference to your health
2. Do a few jumping jacks, just to get your circulation going
3. Do some desk yoga
4. Stretch your ankles
5. Strech your calves
6. Exercise your hands and wrists

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