Do Compression Garments Work?

That is the question. Increasingly athletes are wearing compression garments to improve sports performance. The theory is that increased surface pressure to specific areas of the body will enhance circulation, improving oxygen uptake to your muscles thus improving power, speed and stamina.

However, from cycling, cricket and kayaking, to trail running, rugby and triathlon, no significant performance benefits (see research citations below) have been measured to result from wearing compression garments. Thus, although the subject still bears more research, there is no conclusive evidence to support claims of improved athletic performance when wearing compression garments.


BUT, perception can be meaningful, and athletes do report perceived performance enhancement and since there have been no harmful effects found to result from wearing compression gear, perhaps a case can be made for the psychological benefits of men and women in tights.

As a caution, it is important to choose a garment suitable for your chosen sport.

Compression garments and recovery

And, before you throw those groovy running tights out with the bathwater, there is some evidence to support the claim that wearing compression garments during exercise may improve recovery by enhancing overall circulation, reducing swelling in the joints and speeding up muscle recovery.

This article was written using the following sources, and with thanks to the Sport Information Resource Centre library.

Some Relevant research

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Do compression garments improve performance?

Compression garments may be beneficial to recovery process

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